Sacred Era is an Aboriginal owned and operated fashion label that exists to strengthen the pride in Indigenous youth, and change the way Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture are viewed.


By providing the story behind each design, the label is a conversation starter, using streetwear to educate and create awareness on Australia's Indigenous history and culture. 


 Sacred Era was created in 2013 to fund Hip Hop workshops for Indigenous youth. After years of hitting the markets, two entrepreneur accelerator programs, and a $40,000 crowdfunding campaign the label is now a showcase of Indigenous knowledge's, and a celebration of the strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and peoples. 

We still use profits to fund Indigenous Hip Hop workshops as well as other Indigenous youth initiatives that focus on culture and leadership to empower and develop strong, proud individuals. 


In my 20 years working with Indigenous youth, I often seen good kids struggling with social challenges go down bad paths, paths I almost took. Fortunately, I was blessed with incredible opportunities to grow and to learn about my culture and the history of my people. This knowledge has strengthened my identity, self-respect, and pride ultimately changing the way I carry myself through life.  But not everyone has access to the same opportunities I've had. 

Delivering cultural awareness training while working with the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre, I realised just how little non-Indigenous Australians knew about the culture and history of my people. More importantly, I witnessed the change in attitudes that came with this knowledge, the shock, genuine appreciation, and respect that followed. 

This is my contribution to change, my passion and purpose.